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Photo Gallery

AFK Kenya Travels

The Wildlife Park in Nakuru                                            The Great Thinker

AED Training Naivasha                                        Presentation of AED/Maasailand 

Baby Elephant sanctuary                                       Barbara reading to kids

Children at Jamii Center                                      Debbie's Academy Maasailand
Clinic in Maasailand                                            Deb Nabor's academy in Maasailand

Maasai jumpers                                                 PMaasai Children in their village  anting tree

Kennedy Odede from 2005                            Kibera Slum in Nairobi


Diabetic testing in Kikuyu                              Kennedy Odede in First SHOFCO site

Dinner time in Meru                                            Educational conference in Nairobihe SHOFCO

Two Old Friends/Lawrence & Mama Chuma    Mama Chuma and the Maasai chief  

Eric and Heather doing vision screening                 Exam Room in clinic (Kikuyu)  

Deb Naybor (BYH) and Kennedy Odede (SHOFCO)  Feeding the kids at Jamii Children's Center  

Feral dog in Gioto Slum                                         Fish eagle on Lake Naivasha   

Kenya's famous flamingos                                         AFK's favorite restaurant in a tree  

Gioto Garbage Slum/Nakuru                                         Gioto Mother and child    

View of Indian Ocean/Mombasa                                International Village/Nakuru
Jamii Children's Center in Kibera                      

Jean and Regina resting in the evening                      Mama Chuma, Jayne and Mama Safi                                 

Jean examing patient at Silverbeck                                Jean Finnegan doing an intake     

AFK's finest: Jimmy and Faith                             Joseph and his girls: He will be deeply missed

Proud grandparents with Jessica & Kennedy             Kibera, 2011
Hope to Shine's Kibera School for Girls                   Kibera School for girls with adjoining clinic

 KSG talent show/Summer, 2011                            Lake Naivasha/ 2011   

Eve, Big Emely and Little Emely                             Maasai women feed us lunch during clinic. !

Patient waiting at Maasailand clinic                             Mama Chuma ready to go...

   Mama Chuma and Mama Lucy, Gioto slum chief

    Medical supply sorting before clinic 
And more flamingos yet 



 Really, Audra?
As all can see, the Library team is exceedingly spiffy!




  Regina did double duty: Education and Medical teams                                             



 These pictures were taken to show the activities of the three AFK Teams that went to Kenya during July, 2011. 
The Education team: led by Wayne Silver, the Library Team: led by Audra Zimmermann and the Medical team led by Emely Silver.
A few pictures from previous trips have been inlcuded so the evolution of the programs could be noted by the viewers.

Here are more photos of the trip:


 SHOFCO, which at one time was a small tin shack in the middle of Kibera, now has a separate building with a classroom and electricity to teach computer skills to the youth of Kibera.  This is a picture of our visit to the classroom.




 The presence of Regina Farinaccio, our pre-school expert, brought new ideas and insights to some of our partner organizations.  Her famous Parachute was the hit of Jamii and all the other small children's groups.

Regina's famous parachute!!!!



 Tim enjoyed every moment he spent at the Jamii Children's Center




Women's weaving cooperative.


 AFK's nurse/midwife, Rochelle Kanell, first in line for departure.




Sunset in Kenya


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