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Meet the Orphans

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Robert Thuku
Birthday: April 24, 1992
Status : Hiv negative
School Grade: Std 8

He is the first born of the family. Brother to Lucy Ann and Peter Murimi (sponsored, below).
The mother is living with HIV and their father died two years ago out of the pandemic. When God opens a door for orphan sponsorship, Njoki, their mother will be able to take care of them. She has no source of income as she is very sick and so depend on well-wishers. 

Robert is in school and most of the times go without food. VCK is following on the mother's ARV monitoring.

Support Needed: Education, shelter, clothing, food, and tuition 

Robert's Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored

Kaiyaai Tima Tina
Birthday: July 6, 2002
Status: Orphan – HIV negative
School Grade: Std 2

Both parents have passed away, the father in 2005 and the mother in 2007. The aunt, Nalawa, takes care of her.  She also has her three children to take care of and she sells charcoal to sustain her family. She is a single mother too and find it hard to care for the family.

Support Needed: Food, shelter, education and clothing

Kaiyaai Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored


Malongi Loongisoi Tonny
DOB : December 14, 2004
Status: Orphan - HIV negative 
School Grade : Baby class

He Lives with a good neighbor for he has no relatives after his parents died and there was no one in the family to take care of him. A good samaritan, Ms. Siogai of Oglus, decided to take the custody of the child but she is elderly and jobless.

Support Needed: Education, shelter, clothing, food, and tuition 

Malongi's Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored

Naishoo Lempeka Mercy

Birthday: November 11, 2005

Status: Orphan – HIV negative

Both parents died when she was at a tender age. She lives with an elderly grandmother who has no job and depend on well-wishers. VCK has taken her to be tested and she is OK.

Support Needed: Food, shelter, education and clothing

Naishoo's Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored

Brian Ndiritu Wangari

Birthday: July 4, 1997

Status: Orphan – Hiv negative
School Grade: Std 6

Brian was the son of a single mother who died in 1999 of HIV. He goes to school in Magana primary in Central province.   He is taken care of by his uncle who is a watchman and is very short on resources as he has his own children to support.

Support Needed: Eduaction, food, clothing, shelter and tuition

Brian's Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored


Lekokei Tindiyo Teddy

Birthday: Sept. 26, 2003
Status: HIV Negative
School Grade: Std 1

Both Lekokei's parents died in 2001. He lives with with his aunt, Nomeshuki, who has no job and depend on well-wishers. The grandmother is very old and cannot get a job to sustain them. Currently, neighbors help them with food.

 Support Needed: Food, shelter, clothing, education

Lekokei's Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored

Sinkwa Sampoika

Birthday: December 29, 2003
Health status: HIV Negative

His father died in 2005 and the mother in 2006, both out of HIV. He comes from a remote village in Kajiado, Masaailand, called Oloibor A Jijik. Sinkwa has two older sisters who are employed as house help. Sinkwa lives with his uncle who is poor and supports his wife and six children of his own.

Support Needed: Education, shelter, clothing food and tuition   

Sinkwa's Monthly Need: $30-
Already Sponsored

  Ndumuni Salash

Birthday: July 3, 2005
Health Status: HIV Negative

Her father died in 2005 when Ndumuni was 3 months old. Her mother is HIV positive and is taken care of by neighbors and well-wishes. Ndumuni lives with her grandmother called Tirati. The grand mother has no income, she sells some of her cattle to sustain the child.

Ndumuni attends a nursery.

Support Needed: Education, shelter, clothing food and tuition   

Ndumuni's Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored

Lucy Ann

Birthday: March 28, 1995
Health Status: HIV Negative

The mother is living with HIV and their father died two years ago out of the pandemic. When God opens a door for orphan sponsorship, Njoki, their mother will be able to take care of them. She has no source of income as she is very sick and so depend on well-wishers.

Both the children are in school and most of the times they go without food. VCK is following on her ARV monitoring.

Support Needed: Education, shelter, clothing, food, and tuition 

Lucy Ann Monthly Need: $25- Already Sponsored

 Peter Murimi

Birthday: July 7, 1996
Health Status: HIV Negative

Peter is Lucy Ann (above) brother.  He is also in need of such help as his mother is sick and cannot work to take care of them or provide for them.

Support Needed: Education, shelter, clothing, food and tuition

Peter's Monthly Need: $25- Already Sponsored
Lemaian Salash
Birthday: December 5, 2003
School: Pre unit
Health Status: HIV Negative

Both his parents were HIV positive.  The mother died in 2004 while the father passed away this year in August. He lives with his elderly grandmother who is 75 years old. The family is extremely poor and depends on the little penny that the granny makes out of jewelry she helps to make for other villagers who pay her very poorly, hence the income is not enough to sustain them. Lemaian has a brother who is 7 years old and stays distant from him with a well-wisher. 

Support Needed: Food, clothing and education

Lemaian Monthly Need: $30- Already sponsored

Tunan Munke Kiyamba
Birthday: April 8, 2005
Health Status: HIV Negative, Malnourished

The mother is single and Tunan's birth was through rape. The baby girl has malnutrition and needs medical attention. Ann Emely, a VCK volunteer from Maasailand, and her husband will be looking after the family and ensure that the baby is treated . When a door opens for sponsorship, Ann Emely will be receiving the funds.

Support Needed: Food, shelter, clothing and medical care

Tunan's Monthly Need: $30- Already Sponsored

  Sieyo Salaash
Birthday: July 24, 2004
Health Status: HIV Negative

The mother died in 2004 and was single, living behind Sieyo when he was 2 months. The aunt, Margaret Munge, volunteered to take the child. She is jobless and seeks support from neighbors who are equally poor. She kindly seeks support that she may be able to take care of the child.

Support needed: Food, clothing, education

Sieyo's Monthly Need: $25- Already Sponsored

Chebii Family orphans

The Chebii family come from Baringo in North Rift Valley. The mother died in September 2001 and the father July 2006. Both from HIV.

They left behind four children and the family is living in extreme poverty.
The first born got married at a very tender age, but unfortunately she is married to a very old and poor man who cannot make ends meet for the other three children.

The three youngest live with a very elderly grandmother who is very poor. They are on and off school because sometimes they go and dig other peoples' gardens to get some money to meet their needs. They live in a grass/mud house (shown in picture).


Cherogony Chebii (Girl) 
Birthday: - 06/08/90
School grade: Std 7
Hiv status - Negative

Cherogony monthly need: $30- Already Sponsored

Kipyakwai Chebii (Boy) 
Birthday: September 1, 1997
School grade: Std 4
Hiv status - POSITIVE

 We are deeply saddened to report that Kipyakwai died of AIDS related complications while we were in Kenya this year.

Kiptoo Chebii (Boy) 
Birthday: August 9, 1999
School Grade: Std 3
Hiv status - POSITIVE 

Kiptoo monthly need: $35- Already Sponsored

Kiptoo is so affected by HIV, the uncle confesses that the boy has never received any medical attention. VCK is trying their best to get them medical attention and the ARV's.

Chebet, their first cousin, works and volunteers at VCK (Voluntary Counselors Kenya) and brought the situation to VCK attention asking for help.  She and her father, the children's uncle, will be receiving all the sponsorship funds and visiting them monthly with the funds and supplies to tend to their care.

They all need food, shelter, education and medical attention, especially Kiptoo.


 John Muiyuro

Birthday: 15 February 2004
Stutus : HIV positive
Support needed: Clothing, feeding, education, medication and supplements. 

The father and mother died in 2005. He lives with his aunt who is struggling to make ends meet with a low income salary.

He is the last born and has an elder brother, Paul (below) who is 10 years old.

John’s Monthly Need: $35- Already Sponsored

 Paul Ndirangu
Birthday: 25 October 1996
Status : HIV negative
Support needed: clothing, feeding, education 

John’s older brother and is in standard five (5th grade).

Paul’s Monthly Need: $30-
 Already Sponsored


  Cynthia Awuor

Birthday: 25 December 1991
Status : HIV negative
Support needed: Clothing, feeding, education

Cynthia is the first born of a family of two.  The father died in 2004 of HIV pandemic. Her mother, who is in the picture, is HIV positive and very sick. Cynthia left school in class seven to take care of her ailing mother. They live in Korogocho slums. Cynthia is the breadwinner of the family. She has to feed the mom and the sister, Susan, also in the picture, who is 5 years and in pre-unit. She goes to look for casual jobs to enable her to sustain. She would want to do a course for hair salon where she can start her own business to take care of her family.

Cynthia’s Monthly Need: $30 - Already Sponsored

  Susan Awuor

Birthday: 27 July 2002
Stutus : HIV Negative
Support needed: clothing, feeding, education

Susan is Cynthia's younger sister.  Her mother in picture above, is HIV positive.
She is in pre-unit and a very bright young girl.

Susan’s Monthly Need: $25- Has a sponsor.


  Dominic Wanjoro
Birthday: 4 March 2002
Hiv status: Negative
Support needed: Education, tution, shelter, food

He is in a private school and the father is paying 300 Kshs. per month for tuition.  The public school nearby does not have nursery position, only pre-unit.
Dominic with his brother, Francis, in picture. Read Francis profile for their family's situations

Dominic's Monthly Need: $30- ALREADY SPONSORED



Francis Kagika Already sponsored

Birthday: 23 November 1999
Hiv status: Negative
Support needed: Education, shelter, food, shoes and clothing

He is in class 1 and a very bright boy. This family is living on half a dollar a day. They live in a shanty. The father is not working, he carries goods for people and ferry them to their destination using his back. It is not always that people need his help as he can take even three days without anyone asking for his help. He has to work and feed the familiy as the wife is abnormal and cannot work.

VCK will be taking her for voluntary testing as she has Tuberculosis. 
This case calls for a lot of attention and VCK will see to it that she is well.

In Picture: the Mwangi family, Kenneth with his wife Margaret and children, Dominic and Francis.

Francis Monthly Need: $30  ALREADY SPONSORED

  Kiragu Family
These kids are all orphans; the parents died of HIV (the father in Augst of 2002 and the mother April of 2007).  They were left under the care of an uncle, who unfortunately is a widower and is also HIV positive and the burden was too much for him, so they are now separated staying with different relatives and well wishers without means to support them. The kids are not HIV positive but have no one to care for them. 

Support Needed for all: Food, education, clothes, shoes 

Mary Wangui Kiragu- Already Sponsored
26 November 1994
Mary is in Class 7 in Kiamwathi Primary School in Thika.

Anthony Mbiyu Kiragu ALREADY SPONSORED

Birthday: 23 April 1998
Anthony is in Class 3 in GK Prison School- Eldoret

Kevin Wainaina Kiragu- Already Sponsored
Age: 7 years old
Birthday: 2 May 2001
Kevin is in Class 1 in Kiamwathi Primary School in Thika.

Caroline Wanjiru- Already Sponsored
Birthday: 27 July 2003
Caroline goes to an informal nursery school.

Kiragu Children Monthly Need: $30 per child  

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